Super Bowl XLV welcomes two Lancer alums

Megan Benner, Staff Writer

The most important day in a man’s life this year happens to be Sunday, February 6, the day the Packers beat the Steelers. Yes, stack up on chips and soda because it’s going to be a party-throwing game.

If you don’t already know, Carlsbad High School will take full credit for this win because Packers players Brett Swain and Brandon Chillar are Calrsbad alumni.

Brett Swain, the wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers, graduated in 2003. He played the year the Lancers took CIF. In fact, Swain caught the winning touchdown pass at Qualcomm.

Brandon Chillar, the linebacker for the Green Bay Packers graduated in 2000. Chillar also is a part of Green Bay’s special teams.

Coach McCallister had nothing but praise for these athletes.

“I’ll be waiting for them to come back and show me their Super Bowl rings,” Coach McCallister said.

Both give back to the community by stopping at our weight lifting room regularly. They share lifting tips and over look students’ form and technique. In the past, they have held summer clinics open to local high schoolers.

Football fans predicted a victory for the two former Lancer players and their Packer’s teammates. When asked which team will win Super Bowl XLV, 61,070 NFL.COM readers picked the Packers to be the victors 53% to 47% respectively.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will prove formidable opponents for Green Bay having competed in seven Super Bowls and winning six games. Yet, don’t underestimate the underdog Packers, with a 13-6 record, compared to the Pittsburgh Stealers 14-4 record.

Without a doubt, Swain and Chillar will play hard this Sunday. Beneath that Packer’s green, these two proudly bleed purple and gold. So, watch the game and cheer on the Green Bay Packers and two Lancer alums.