Welcome to “Harry’s House”


Courtesy of Columbia and Erskine Records

Harry Styles’ new album, “Harry’s House”, came out on May 20, 2022. This album is a combination of pop-funk, pop-rock, synth-pop and R&B styles.

Farahn Santiago Koegler, Reporter

Harry Styles is a singer-songwriter and actor from England, best known for his pop music. He started singing in 2010 when he was 16 years old and became part of One Direction, which was one of the best-selling boy bands of all time. The band ultimately broke up in 2016 and Harry Styles became a solo artist. 

He released his first solo album, “Harry Styles”, in 2017 and it was one of the world’s top ten best-selling albums of the year in the US and the UK. In 2019, he released his second album, “Fine Lines”, which Rolling Stone magazine called the greatest album of all time. Now he is doing it again with his third album, “Harry’s House”. The most popular songs in this album are “Music For a Sushi Restaurant”, “As It Was”, “Late Night Talking” and “Matilda”.

“Music For a Sushi Restaurant” does sound a little like music that would be played in a sushi restaurant. He almost named the album after that song while eating sushi in Los Angeles. He wrote the song during the COVID pandemic and wanted to create a feeling of home and belonging that we could all appreciate.

“As It Was” is a bittersweet song representing the changes in a person’s life. You can’t go back in the past and recreate that same feeling, and as his lyrics go: “You know it’s not the same as it was.” In a recent interview, he described the song as a “metamorphosis”, losing and finding yourself.

“Late Night Talking” is an emotional song the listener can easily relate to. It’s one of those songs that describes relationships and “late night talks”. The tone of this song is quite uplifting and can bring back good memories of a past or current love. 

“Matilda” is a very intense song. It tells the story of someone that might be going through something out of the ordinary; something bad that happened in their life that might’ve impacted them in a certain way. In the song, it says, “you can let it go,” implying let your past go to start a new beginning. 

The album has an overall feeling of getting to experience life through Styles’ eyes. It is a light, fun and emotional album that makes you feel right at home.