WandaVision wanders onto the streaming scene


Photo courtesy of Disney Plus

Wanda and Vision are seen back-to-back dealing with the mishaps of a witchy pregnancy.

Lilly Michel, Reporter

WARNING: WandaVision spoilers ahead.

The newest Disney Plus series WandaVision has been a hit amongst children, teens and adults alike. The series follows Wanda Maximoff’s life three to four weeks after the chaotic events of “Avengers: Endgame.” After Wanda returns from “the blip” caused by Thanos’ snap, she searches for Vision’s body in hopes of being able to bring him back to life. However, when Wanda finds her lover, he is merely scraps of metal and wires and conclusively unsalvageable.

Marvel fans have many opinions surrounding the happenings of the unique episodes that WandaVision entails. The most common, universal opinion is that the idea of having multiple episodes surrounding a certain decade is unlike anything Marvel has done before. Sophomore Samantha Holman speaks about her opinion on WandaVision.

“I feel like WandaVision is a great modern and unique twist on how Marvels usually turns the comics into movies/shows,” Holman said. “I also love the concept of the different decades for the episodes. One of the things I enjoyed was hearing others’ theories and deciding if I thought they were going to happen or not.”

Multiple episodes uniquely capture a specific decade by incorporating elements from a sitcom television show from that decade into the episode itself. Many viewers speculate these select shows to be Wanda’s “comfort” shows. As it is revealed in the later episodes, the creation of Wanda’s version of Westview was to more or less avoid her trauma of losing Vision by creating her own perfect world with her soulmate; she created a perfect family to go along with her perfect little town.

“Although all the episodes had me enthralled, my favorite would have to be the 7th episode,” Holman said. “This is due to how relatable Wanda is and how many funny quotes you could get from it. And it is very relatable with how many feel during COVID-19.”

Now all of us Marvel fanatics have our own unique theories about Wanda’s future after watching the critical end credit scene, but the most common theory is that Maximoff will return to the Marvel universe in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This is the most plausible theory seeing as in the last end credit scene Wanda is seen reading the Darkhold, one of the ancient books of power spells, while practicing some sort of magic, which is all relative to the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange. Senior Jason Balcazar shares his theories on Wanda’s future.

“I ultimately believe that the entire show was a Wanda Maximoff origin story of how she becomes the Scarlet Witch, as mentioned in the classic Marvel comics,” Balcazar said. “I see a future where the Scarlet Witch learns to channel her unseen witchcraft powers and after much practice she’ll become more and more powerful. That being said this could benefit her or lead her into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness because after all, she is getting all her studies from an ancient, mystical book that is very unholy.”

In the last few moments of the end credit scene we hear Billy and Tommy, Wanda’s children, calling out to her for help. It is very possible that Billy and Tommy will return in future Marvel productions, and for good reason. In the comics, Billy and Tommy are a part of a next-generation superhero team known as the Young Avengers. The Young Avengers is composed of characters such as Kate Bishop (a soon-to-be-introduced character from the “Hawkeye” series), Cassie Lang (who we know from Ant-Man), and another new character America Chavez, who we will meet in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel.

One last question that many WandaVision fans may have is who is White Vision? White Vision is the version of Vision created by SWORD, created strictly to be a weapon with the incapability to have emotional attachments, unlike the Vision we originally met in Age of Ultron. Wanda’s “Hex” Vision and White Vision are seen going head-to-head in the finale, with the fight ending in Hex Vision unlocking White Vision’s memories of before the happenings of Avengers: Infinity War. After White Vision absorbs these memories, he is seen flying off into the sky. His whereabouts and future role in the upcoming Marvel movies are unknown, but he will likely return at some point in the future.

WandaVision most certainly does Wanda Maximoff’s story justice. It captures her difficulties coping with Vision’s death perfectly and leaves the audience on a cliffhanger that will undoubtedly make the new Doctor Strange prequel worth the watch.