Why Community College Is Underrated


AJ Griffin, Assistant Editor

Throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars away just to go three to four years without a major in a massive college is just a waste. Why not take two years to  save that money and just go to a community college? Community college allows students to grow and discover the route they wish to take in life for a fraction of the price of a major four year university. 

Community college allows a student to obtain an associates degree without the stresses that a major college brings to a student. Colleges like Mira Costa and Palomar Community College are turning into the destinations for students of Carlsbad. Mira Costa community college costs around $200 per unit with textbooks, while San Diego State University’s (SDSU) cost per unit is $396. These costs are only raised when you are required to take 15 textbooks per semester for SDSU. Costs are a major factor when deciding a college. If a school is too expensive, students will be forced to take student loans which lead into debt that is carried on after college. Why spend extra money on a course that is offered by a community college for a fraction of the price? 

The cost is not only the upside that community colleges hold over major universities. Palomar and Mira Costa offer many classes that are not offered at major colleges. Trades like welding, autoshop, policing, firefighting and many others are offered in full potential as opposed to limited or not at all in major colleges. These classes are offered at a cheaper price allowing students to test and/or experience a class not offered in high school. This could spark a passion for students who want to pursue these important careers. 

The “big” college experience may seem worth it to some, though the price should be a factor of this decision. The price of the “big” college experience may not be feasible for all students thus sending them to a community college. The trades and the prices are not the only upsides to the alternative college. High School students are often unsure of what they want to pursue in their adult lives. Community college allows these students to explore their potential without the added pressure that a big college brings. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars just to feel lost is a waste. Community college holds negative connotation and this needs to be shifted. Students shouldn’t feel ashamed for attending a school that provides them with such opportunities. These opportunities are offered to every student so don’t feel ashamed to save money and accomplish your dream without going into student debt. Community college in many ways is a better way to earn an education without breaking the bank or your brain.