How students should choose their college


Sarah Brooks

The price of college is increasing almost eight times faster than wages. College prices impact the future of students looking to further their education.

High school students across the nation and around the world are on a constant search for a university to meet their needs. The first things students may look for include the location of a school, size, average test scores and, of course, price. When students look into furthering their education at a university, the cost of tuition should not be the first concern. 

Over the years, there has been a race between college tuition and average wages, with college “winning” exponentially, according to Forbes, and will most likely continue to do so no matter how much people make. This creates a challenge for college graduates to be able to pay for loans, while paying for a place to live (another rising price)

A statistic from Forbes Magazine says the price of college is increasing almost eight times faster than wages, and millennials who are experiencing this record level of debt also have to face the prices of living during a lack of wage growth.  

Whether it is the news or any other media, current high school students are reminded of the prices of college constantly. CHS students have noticed challenges following the price of education, such as debt, while thinking about choices they can make to avoid post-college financial issues. 

According to junior Cassie Cruz, when looking at colleges, tuition is very important. Although it is not always a leading factor based on financial situation, looking into schools that are too expensive is considered something students, including Cruz, tend to stay away from. 

Students across campus and around the country have noticed college expenses, while realizing there is more that matters when looking for a school where you will make memories. Although tuition is something students will continue to be aware of, the final important factor should be whether or not it is the right fit for your needs, and not price. 

According to senior Veeral Patel, the first thing students should look for is how comfortable they will feel in that specific college. Being in an environment where a student feels comfortable is what can make or break a student’s well being, and making the wrong choice can be detrimental. 

Overall, making a choice that will affect the rest of your life is enough stress alone, and college tuition does not make the choice easier. Students should be able to get an education where they feel comfortable, instead of worrying about tuition. 

While national reform must occur to lessen the impact of high tuition, people should also regain focus of what’s important in college– having a place to cherish memories, learn and grow as an individual.