Why AP classes are worth taking

Maddie Dufault

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Weighing the pros and the cons, encouraging yourself to take on college-level responsibility, fighting through tests in hopes of standing out in the high school crowd. Ultimately, all this dedication will change your high school experience for the better.

With AP classes comes the need for one’s focus and work ethic. Being a high schooler in AP classes means that they are taking on college student responsibility. The effort done by students in these classes is recognized by both their high school and future college. The effort put into AP classes will make AP students stand out from the other students that decided to take regular level classes.

In high school, AP students are acknowledged by having weighted grades. This means that the classes are worth more for their score in their GPA. If a straight-A student were to take all AP classes, their GPA would be a 5.0 compared to a 4.0 GPA. Along with the additional homework, challenging tests and assignments, high school students have the option to take an AP test at the end of the year.

Colleges take the scores from the AP tests to consider having the high school class cover credit for the real college class. For most universities, a three or higher on the one through five scale counts for college credit. When high school students pass the test, they not only save time by getting college credits, they save money. In college, the average cost for one class typically ranges from $300 to $600. When passing the test they save this money that will make college significantly cheaper.

In addition to getting more credit than received for regular placement classes, some students say that the student to teacher relationship is different in AP classes. In most cases, there are fewer students in AP classes compared to regular ones. This allows more time for teachers to individually help each student. In addition to this, there is a noticeable difference between work ethic between each class. If a student enters themselves into an AP class, this means that they are aware of the effort and time it will take, as well as the willingness needed to apply themselves to the curriculum.

AP classes are worth the commitment. The time spent on each class is understood and appreciated by educators. If you are willing to work hard, AP classes are the way to go.