Taking extracurriculars to the next level


Courtesy of Edward Gardner

Gardner pictured at one of his many activities. He intently participates in a lacrosse game.

Maddie Dufault, Reporter

Many students do their best to create an impressive resume for their futures. Student, Edward Gardner does this in a way that separates himself from the rest.

Gardner takes part in quite a few extracurriculars during his free time, regardless of his rigorous academic schedule. This list consists of lacrosse, CEF student leadership council, Special Olympics assistant coaching, North Coast Singers regional choir, an acapella group, summer musicals, teaching at summer improv and musical theater camps, being the president of Best Buddies, taking piano classes and being in the National Honor Choir. His favorites from the long list are the acapella group and getting the opportunity to be involved in Best Buddies and the Special Olympics.

“I really like acapella because all the people in the group are really talented,” junior Edward Gardner said. “We all come from different backgrounds too.”

Like most teens, Gardner is constantly pressured by his academic schedule. He takes part in his acapella group to escape from stress.

“It’s also really low pressure,” Gardner said. “It’s a nice break from school.”

Another activity that is one of Gardner’s favorite to take part in is the special olympics. He gets the opportunity to be around people that inspire and motivate him to do what he can to help.

All the things he does is so impressive. I don’t know how he manages to take part in so many different things.

— Pathak said.

“Special Olympics is fun because the team is full of great personalities,” Gardner said. “All the people on the team are really fun to be around.”

This group of people teaches him lessons and values that cannot be taught in school. These experiences in Special Olympics and with his teammates taught him much about what it takes to be a part of a successful team.

“I learn something new when I’m around the players too,” Gardner said.

His taking part in so many activities has inspired other students at the school to involve themselves in more extracurriculars, especially those that make a difference in other people’s lives.

“All the things he does is so impressive,” sophomore Ravi Pathak said. “I don’t know how he manages to take part in so many different things.”