Taking learning to the next level


by Max Piper

Mrs. Thompson’s student teacher Ms. Greg teaches the class about Greek Mythology. Mrs. Thompson has taught her student teacher how to teach English in a unique way.

Hailee Harway, staff writer

Throughout the school year, many students are confined to learn in the classroom. However, to absorb the actual materials students need real world experience. Schools can achieve this by giving teachers more opportunities to take students on field trips. From going on these outings, we are able to be more visual learners, leading us to be more prepared for real life jobs in the future where employees are required to make quick decisions. 

More teachers throughout this school year have taken field trips; for example, Mrs. Thompson, an English 2H teacher, has gone with both her sophomore class periods to the Holocaust Museum in L.A. Many students have enjoyed going on this day trip because it related to what we were reading and made The Book Thief  (a novel read in sophomore English) more realistic. Also, unlike a book, where students can skip parts that can make them uncomfortable, museums show every aspect of a situation regardless of how touchy or controversial the issue is. This specific field trip made the students feel that what they were learning about is more of a life lesson than just a book. 

Class day trips could also help students that are more visual learners. Mr. Muilenburg, the CP Marine and AP Environmental Science teacher, also takes many field trips, and every student that participates enjoys them. They all went to Catalina Island once, and on another occasion the class goes whale watching, which helps benefit all the students that participate in his class. The visual learning that takes place during field trips could be an advantage for students, because they can learn faster and absorb more information, leading more students to do better overall in the class and be more effective learners.

Schools across the nation should participate in more field trips because they introduce a new type of learning.

Schools across the nation should participate in more field trips because they introduce a new type of learning. Whether you like math, science, English or history, field trips that take you outside of the school gates unlock a whole new learning environment. Through teacher and administration letting students go on more field trips, it would be helpful to students for future job experiences because they are not just learning out of a textbook.