The media controls what terrorism is

The media determines what terrorist attack they will allow the public to view.

AJ Griffin

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The definition of terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. The difficult relationship between media and terrorism and the trade-off between the right to information and the risks of promoting violent messages are the headlines of constant news stories. Although acts of war, acts of crime and acts of terror can look very much alike on the surface, they have very different motives, very different reasons for being and I think that’s why people are confused. They look alike on the surface; they’re different underneath.
News is the public’s main source for breaking news such as terror attacks. This means that the public is watching the company’s views on the subject. The news organization is going to show segments that agree with their network. This could be a strong left segment on an attack, or a strong right segment on an attack. This all comes down to what the stations are wanting to convince the audience of.
Calling things ‘terror’ when it isn’t and not calling things terror when it is stands as a main problem of news sources. These news organizations are pushing the agendas and biased views of racial, violent and stereotypically charged sources. This is not only putting stigmas on races and people, but also on the news networks. This is especially common with big news organizations such as Fox News, CNN and GMA.
The news networks may be trying to show the public the truth of the world, but often times it is lies. They’re telling us to watch out for this person, or this race or to not travel to certain places. These simple global news networks are influencing so many people in the wrong way and it is damaging our society.
These networks are especially notorious for airing news stories that only go with their political beliefs. No matter which channel you go to, you will be seeing different sides of the same story. Theses channels show how race, gender and location affect these tragedies. This is simply to try to start controversy, which in effect means more ratings and money. These claims are damaging people all around the world, and for what cost? These news networks are simply ruining peoples religions and races with little or no care.
Simply by putting ‘terror’ in the title, you are putting a negative image in so many peoples’ minds. An image of hate, an image of dismay or an image of death is all people can think about when watching the news. This shouldn’t be the case. These big news organizations need to put the truth out. Even if it doesn’t get them millions of dollars, it’s letting the public sleep tight knowing that they are safe.