Can we really consider these “new” trends new?

Samara Anderson, Editor in Chief

Throughout the year of 2016 and now into 2017, teens have developed many different styles that are thought to be trendy. However, what I think is interesting about these new trends is the fact that they were already “in” before the turn of the century.

We will start with the fashionable piece of clothing dating all the way back to the 60’s: off the shoulder shirts. Teens are usually found wearing these cute shirts with jeans and a cute pair of the also trending gladiator shoes. If you do not know this term, they are basically sandals with many straps, making the shoe secure and stylish. I personally love this trend for two reasons, which ultimately determines my choice for what I like to wear. The shirt is both cute and comfortable. I feel that if you do not feel comfortable in a shirt, you should not wear it.

Another trend that began in the 60’s and has made its way almost 50 years to our generation is braids. Students will notice how many girls walk around this school with her hair parted down the middle with two French or Dutch braids. This new trend is a great way to keep a girl’s hair out of her face and her way, but still be fashionable- especially when her hair goes all the way down her back, like mine.

Moving on to the 70’s, another current fad worn around CHS is kick-flare jeans, also known as bell bottoms. I think that these fashionable pants look very cute and allow teens to show off their own individual style. Skinny jeans may be cute, but sometimes they are uncomfortable. Therefore, bell bottoms are a stylish and comfortable alternative. They are meant to make a girl’s legs appear longer, so that may be an appealing factor that draws teens to these stylish pants.

Now to the 80’s. Bomber jackets are a new trend that go well with both jeans and leggings. I personally like these jackets because they keep me warm during the cold mornings at school, and when I get hot, I can wear the shirt I have on under it. The bomber jacket also comes in various colors and styles, such as black, white and red, which can fit many girls’ sense of style.

Lastly, the choker trend dates back to the 90’s. Personally, chokers are not my style so I do not wear them myself, but I enjoy seeing how other students make them cute and fashionable with a t-shirt and shorts, or tank top and leggings, etc. The great thing about this accessory is that it works with almost anything. It can work with a long sleeve shirt, a tank and cardigan or just a t-shirt. A choker is just an accessory that can add to a student’s outfit.

So, can we really consider these stylish fads new? Or are we just bringing back past trends?