The lesson criminal minds taught me


Alex Brown, editor in chief

Any show that has ran for over 10 years is bound to have a lasting effect on its viewers. While I’m guilty of becoming emotionally invested in any show I binge watch, I’ve found the effects of watching “Criminal Minds” stand out amongst the rest. I’m not claiming that the show accurately portrays exactly what life in the FBI is like, but it portrays something more profound. “Criminal Minds”: has shown me and millions of other viewers why you can’t expect greatness without a fair share of negative moments.

As FBI agents, the characters of “Criminal Minds” experience crime, death, loss, grief, anger and fear. Each of those factors could easily overcome a person’s life, but the agents of the B.A.U. somehow manage to continue living their lives seemingly untouched. Obviously, some cases affect the agents heavily, but as a whole, they seem to be able to live their personal lives pretty happily.  

Throughout the series, most of the agents have questioned why they do what they do at one time or another. The answer is always the same, but it’s strong. The moments of bad make the moments of good worth it. While there are many terrible things the characters have to encounter, it’s easy to forget all the good that’s also a part of the job. As FBI agents, the characters get to experience rescues, hope, families, reunions and many more priceless events. 

The extremity of the situations on “Criminal Minds” lets viewers see how the agents handle all the negativity and ignites a new insightfulness into the necessary sacrifices in life. I think everyone needs to understand the importance of negative moments. If we didn’t have any bad experiences, our good experiences would be lackluster. The most rewarding jobs in the world are also some of the hardest. The role of the President, a doctor, a lawyer, a social worker. All of those jobs create extreme levels of stress and distress, but people keep doing them. Why? Because as difficult as they are, those roles create new levels of happiness and fulfillment.

Not only are the lessons of “Criminal Minds” applicable in the career field, but also in everyday life. Every person has had to deal with issues that seem to have absolutely no upside. You feel as though you could search for years and years and the positive side of the situation would never appear. While this type of black and white thinking is common, it’s not realistic. Not every situation has an upside, but a great amount do. Fans of the TV show can take the lesson taught, which may seem large and difficult to apply to real life, and shrink it down to relate to their lives.

Crime drama shows like “Criminal Minds” sometimes seem worlds away, but when you look at the lessons that are learned, you’ll see that the shows can help you change your view of the world. It’s extremely easy to view the show as just that: a show. Once you see the bigger picture, it will become apparent that even the smallest of lessons can be applied to your life.

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