I hate Mondays

…a little bit less now.

Samantha Simmons and Alyssa Slattery

Starting this 2016- 2017 school year, Dr. Porter and the rest of the staff have enacted a new school policy instating early release Mondays in place of late start Wednesdays CHS has had in past years. Although our beloved late start Wednesdays provided sleep and time for Starbucks runs before class, we’re here to tell you why you should be excited about this new change.

Before we get into listing the reasons for this glorious change, you should understand the purpose behind why the school decided to adjust the schedule. A common misconception amongst students was that tardiness decreased due to the later start time, but according to Dr. Porter, the staff saw little to no change. The issue was then brought upon by the complaints of parents with set work schedules, afraid they wouldn’t be able to get their kid to school on time, or that they would have to drop their child off too early. 

Dr. Porter continued to promote the decision of early release Mondays because of its clear benefits for the staff, and in turn, the students. With late start Wednesdays, the teachers only had an hour to meet and/or complete a full week’s lesson plan. With the extra time provided by early release Mondays, the staff now has more time after school on the shorter days to create better developed lesson plans for each week to benefit you, the students. After the obvious need for change, a majority of the staff agreed to alter the schedule.

Dr. Porter, with a team of teachers and administrators, fashioned the new schedule so that it would look like students receive more time out of school than last year; in reality, it still adds up to the same number of instructional minutes, with lunch absent from our early release at 12:30. For parents still concerned with faulty schedules, the Boy & Girls Club will provide supervision until the regular release time at 2:30 for students who are unable to be picked up.

Now we’ve talked a lot about why Dr. Porter and the staff support the new change, but why should you? We all know deep down that we weren’t studying for our math test first period at 6 a.m. when we could have been sleeping, but at 12:30 when our brains have already been awakened and we’re open to continue our learning experience, we will be more productive and successful students. Or you could just go to the beach, whichever type of person you are. For all of the upperclassmen, you now have more time for jobs, internships, college applications, and any other extracurricular activities. And for you underclassmen, guess who gets to go off campus for lunch now? This new change to our schedule is far more beneficial than meets the eye; you just need to look past the surface.

For the dates of all early release Mondays, click here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g4948nZu5NZDx_RjZl-WXT_INxV2YJDDMcwjjAL6dNU/edit

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