Top 10 things to do in San Diego for the summer


Photo Courtesy: Maddie Medina

The cliffs at La Jolla

  1. Del Mar Fair: Enjoy your favorite fried foods and fun rides with friends June 3 to July 4. Make sure to check out the Toyota Summer Concert Series to catch your favorite musical acts in action.
  2. Padres Game: The Padres have plenty of Summer games that are a great way have fun in downtown San Diego. Check out their schedule because the Padres have some fun theme games with free shirts and accessories when you buy a ticket (Irish Heritage Night, Pride Night, College Night etc.)
  3. Go to an amusement park: From Legoland to Seaworld to Belmont Park, San Diego is home to plenty of fun amusement parks. Summer is a busy time for the parks so be sure to time your visit accordingly.
  4. Get a job: Summer is the perfect time to get some extra money by getting a job. Because San Diego is such a tourist hotspot, companies are looking for some extra help during the Summer which is a perfect way to build your resume. Legoland is always hiring.
  5. Go to the beach: San Diego just may be the beach capital of the solar system so you definitely want to go catch some waves. If you’re bored at the beach, try mixing it up and go hang gliding or parasailing for once. Maybe even enjoy our very own Carlsbad Lagoon, or trek down to La Jolla’s Sunset Cliffs. In San Diego, the possibilities for beach fun are endless.
  6. Hike it up: Another great feature of San Diego is its gorgeous hiking spots. From Torrey Pines to Escondido, Summer is a perfect time to get the gang together and go for a walk, but make sure you bring your sunscreen.
  7. Watch the Olympics: Whether you love sports or hate them, the Olympics are very exciting to watch and only comes around every four years. Watch all the action in Rio de Janeiro with friends and family for some quality Team USA time from Aug 5-Aug 21.
  8. Sightseeing: San Diego is one of the most amazing places to visit and go sightseeing. From the beautiful snorkeling in La Jolla, to the museums in Balboa Park, San Diego is full with natural beauties and historical sights that you do not want to miss out on this summer.
  9. Stargazing: Summer is the perfect opportunity to spend long nights gazing up at the stars. The Palomar Obserbatory gives you the ability to hang out on top of the beautiful Palomar Mountain to observe the stars through a 60-inch telescope. The observatory is open both day and night, giving you the opportunity to hike and star gaze in the same day.
  10. Sleep: The school year is so tiring, so Summer is a time to catch up on the lack of sleep from those all-nighters. Have fun doing the other activities on this list but make sure to get some sleep and have a relaxing summer.