The Christmas curse lures in consumers

Christmas television, commercials, songs and events are arriving earlier and earlier every year

Nicolas Dautremont, Staff Writer

I was sitting and watching television with my family when ABC’s 25 days of Christmas marathon came on…It was November.

Companies are taking advantage of the holiday season to shove Christmas propaganda into the face of the general population. This seems to happen sooner and sooner each year so companies can make more profit throughout the season. ABC labeled the marathon as the 25 days leading up to Christmas day and mentioned how “the countdown fun kicks off on Sunday, Nov. 22,” (IbTimes). Maybe my math is off, but that sounds a lot more like 33 days to me.

By making the deals, savings and specials last longer, companies can make more money off of misleading ventures for profit. The more they advertise coupons, special prizes and anything in-between to earn money, the more companies and consumers benefit.

According Reuters business and financial news, in September, the kids store Toys R Us  “the world’s largest dedicated toy retailer said it will lower the minimum required for free shipping of online orders from $49 to $19” because of price competition during the holiday shopping season (Reuters).

In September, stores are making ‘Holiday Deals’ to give you an excuse to buy items you don’t want and don’t need when you’re out shopping for gifts for family and friends.

Eventually it will be year round. Christmas decorations will be up in July, Halloween costumes on sale in January and it will be a hot car ride to the beach when you hear ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ on the radio. With no set time for beginning Christmas sales, companies will use and abuse the minds of the consumer, convincing them to buy more and more. They already use concepts like nostalgia, guilt, the reward of giving and sensationalism to pull in consumers.

There is a point to all the advertisement though. It is beneficial for the economy as it increases production and employment at least for the season.

Though there are upsides to the Christmas curse, you have to ask yourself when enough is enough. Hopefully the curse only lasts for as long as the holidays do and doesn’t infect the rest of the year.