Get your flu shot, or get shot by the flu

Spencer Stone, Staff Writer

When I imagine getting a flu shot, I picture a five inch needle, a scary witch doctor with an evil laugh and the twins from The Shining sitting next to me in the dark, grey, windowless waiting room. I can’t be the only one.

However, I still force myself to go every year to receive a flu shot and honestly it is not that bad. It takes only thirty minutes out of your day, and the shot itself is almost painless. Plus you get a cool Disney band-aid to show off your toughness to other kids.

I am pretty sick of the constant sniffling and coughing in class, that ends up getting me sick at a critical time in my student life. Please, if you are sick, just stay at home, watch some Netflix, drink lots of water and sleep. Sacrifice that one day for the sake of all the other students. Become Gandalf, sacrificing yourself for the benefit of the fellowship, then returning stronger than ever cleansed of grayness and sickness.

Your pediatrician will provide you with a shot with no need for an appointment, and you will be out quickly and happily knowing that you have never been more immune to the flu in your entire life. The flu shot helps protect you from flu and also protects the people around you who are more vulnerable to serious flu illness, help keep those who have chronic illness and young children safe from potential sickness, and if unlucky enough to catch the sickness, the shot will make the sickness milder. A recent study proves that there is a 71% decrease in flu related hospitalization for adults, and 77% for Seniors if received the shot (Talbot, 2013).

If you’re concerned about the price, Costco offers a $14.99 standard shot, and if you do not have access to a Costco membership, Walmart and Target are selling flu shots at $25 a pop. And if you have health insurance, they are required to pay for the shot so that leaves you with the vaccine for FREE.

Show off that Bugs Bunny band aid with pride! Get your flu shot, or get shot by the flu!