Homecoming, friend or foe?


Delaney Benson

Homecoming is September 26th. Ticket prices with an ASB sticker are $15 and without prices changed to $50.

Samantha Simmons, Opinion Editor

There are multiple preconceived notions about high school before you even have the pleasure of walking through our main gates. Our excitement, guy and girl, is replenished every year, but the real question is: is homecoming really as great as we make it out to be?

There are many pros and cons to this greatly debated topic of homecoming. I’ve made a great metamorphosis (thought-wise) since the beginning of high school and here is what I’ve come up with:

Freshman year, I was the definition of an anti-school-spirit student. No freshman games. No participation on spirit days. And I definitely did not go to dances. Aforementioned, there are many preconceived notions of high school; mine was that it totally sucked. This idea continued on for a portion of sophomore year until one especially spirited spirit day, I thought the most ridiculous thing: what if it was cool to be involved?

This was somewhat of a revelation because I had previously thought that getting involved was only for the kids that everyone else made fun of.

I was wrong.

This is something that I do not often admit.

This glorious thought was confirmed when I decided to go to prom at the end of my sophomore year. I went with a group that was the definition of fun; I didn’t know anyone in the group particularly well but I was excited nonetheless. I got to prom and it. was. awesome.

It’s the beginning of junior year and all I’ve been doing is anticipating homecoming. You are guaranteed an amazing time, so why not go? You can get your dress/tux at a thrift store (seriously, you can buy a gorgeous $15 dress at Double Take in downtown Carlsbad), you get to go out for dinner with your friends and it’s a night out. It may not have the same hype as prom, but if you’re willing to sing your loudest no matter the song, and dance like no one’s watching, it could be the night of your life.

My worst nightmare freshman year would have easily been getting stuck at a dance with a large group of strangers. Now, I’m looking forward to every dance there is, especially homecoming. You only have four years in high school, I encourage you to live them to their fullest.