Summer classes: the best and worst decision you will ever make

Megan Schoen, Features Editor

Its June 11, the last day of school, and the freedom that has so long alluded you is finally in sight. You stumble through your last final, and at last! It’s summer!

Except- school hasn’t ended, not really. You still have to take the ACT on Jun 13th (yes, the first weekend of summer break) a mere seven days after the last SAT, not to mention finals in every class. From there, depending on next years’ classes, you may have AP summer assignments full of book reports and chapter outlines, or the biggest of all, summer school.

With over 150 different class options and only six slots in the schedule, students are having to find alternate ways of taking all the courses they want. Classes at Mira Costa, Palomar or other online programs have become increasingly popular for students who want more room in their schedule or just want to improve on a grade.

Summer school classes are both the worst thing you have ever done and the best decision you have ever made. They are a lot of work, for you are doing an entire year of learning in either six week or two month sessions. Also, there is a very good chance you will have to turn down multiple beach outings with your friends due to the large time commitment required by your class. The satisfaction you feel by walking into your Art 1 class while your friends are walking to AP US History, however, makes up for all the pain you endure during the summer.

So the question is, is it worth giving up time during your precious break to make your next school year more enjoyable? Yes, it is. It may not feel like it while you are locked in your room crying as you stare longingly outside your window, but once the school year begins, you will be grateful for that extra class slot and the easier work load you must endure.