Top Ten ways to get the most out of the rest of senior year

Gillian Allen and Mady Christian

1. Go to prom: Senior Prom is one of those things that people will talk about twenty years later and remember about high school. If you ask your parents now to tell you about their Senior Prom chances are 1. they went and 2. they can give you a detailed description of everything from the questionable fashion choices made down to the name of the slow dance song. This is the last hoorah of our senior year; the last chance for our whole class to let go, let loose and enjoy each other’s company, while looking like a million bucks. Senior Prom is literally and metaphorically the last dance, so don’t let this opportunity to make memories you’ll cherish forever slip away!

2. The Carlsbad Flower Fields: Living in Carlsbad we may not know this, but people travel from hundreds of countries to experience the beauty that the Flower Fields radiate every spring. For most of us, the Flower Fields are just part of the everyday background scenery during our drives around town. Experience the Flower Fields now before you leave for college and regret never going! They offer everything from great corn dogs to quality selfie photo opps – literally the whole package.

3. Paddle board the ocean or lagoon: You don’t need to take a class to have a great afternoon paddle boarding out on the water, you don’t even need good balance! Paddle boarding is easier than it looks and it’s a simple way to have a lot of fun with your friends or even alone. If you’re a beginner, start on the lagoon because its less turbulent and easier to get the hang of standing up on. After you feel comfortable paddling on your own, don’t forget to bring your dog out on the board with you.

4. Binge watch Netflix: Friends, Criminal Minds, Gossip Girl, Scandal, Parks and Recreation… these are just a few of the best shows to binge watch on Netflix during the remainder of your senior year. For the most part, all of our classes are winding down and AP tests will soon be over. We’ve all worked so hard these last four years and Netflix is the perfect way to kick back, relax and relish in the end of the year.

5. Go to Balboa Park: How many people can say they live 40 minutes away from one of the most culturally and historically rich places in the world? Balboa Park offers so many different things so you can be sure you’ll never have a dull moment during your Saturday in the park. From world-renown museums and performing arts groups to beautiful gardens and delicious places to eat, Balboa has it all. If you’re not staying in San Diego next year and even if you are, be sure to make the most of this vibrant and dynamic environment right in our backyards.

6. Hiking around ideal local spots (Calavera and the Batiquitos lagoon): Though much of the San Diego area’s appeal has to do with the more commercialized aspects that involve shopping and dining, perhaps the most worthwhile aspects of the county to see involve the natural sights, especially the trails scattered around. Calavera mountain has proved a ritual amongst many Carlsbad high students because of its scenery and mountain-like feel without having to travel far. The Batiquitos lagoon trail is also a trail well worth seeing before graduating, as it combines rural scenery with a lagoon view, with a peaking view of the ocean as well.

7. Get food at Lola’s: If you haven’t been to Lola’s throughout the duration of your four years in high school, you have most likely been living a lie. Whether or not you prefer to eat on or off campus during lunch, force yourself to get out of your comfort zone to get a burrito at Lola’s. You will feel automatically more fulfilled for doing so, while also going away to college with a higher expectation for what Mexican food should taste like.

8. Visit Little Italy in downtown San Diego: Continuing the trend on discussing food, Little Italy will provide you with some of the best Italian food restaurants in the county. In addition to the plethora of amazing restaurants, Little Italy often has street entertainment and is in close proximity to the actual downtown of San Diego, providing its visitors with round-the-clock ways to experience both the culture of San Diego and of Italy. Little Italy is a pocket of the San Diego county that has come to define part of the experience that San Diego has to offer, and is a great place to go see before leaving San Diego for any after-graduation pursuits.

9. Picnicking on the beach during the sunset: With Carlsbad’s beaches being such a centralized part of the culture and daily life, it’s often hard to appreciate the close proximity of the beach after seeing it so often. Grabbing a handful of close friends and hosting a mini potluck/picnic on the beach right before sunset combines hanging out with friends and the serenity of the sunset together to help revive the stifled gratefulness for Carlsbad’s beaches, giving you a better reason to come back home and visit during holidays after graduation.

10. Partake in a mass game of hide n seek at Stagecoach park: If you have ever attempted to make the argument that you are “too old” to play hide n seek, it’s time for you to realize that the enjoyment of hide n seek is not limited by age. Organize a large group of friends, wait for the sun to start setting, then grab flashlights and begin to play. Hide n go seek will allow you to enjoy your youth before embarking on your future, while also bringing extreme fun in the process.