What to do, what to do?

Bennett Lane, Writer

Haven’t found that one sport that really gets to you? Looking to spice up your hang out? Maybe just a cool new video to show your friends how interesting you are? Anyone could go their whole life and never hear about these sports. Some are cultural traditions, some are new forms of entertainment, but all will most likely be unfamiliar to you. These are 5 new sports to think about as the summer season approaches.

Toe Wrestling- Coming out of the United Kingdom, toe wrestling is pretty much like arm wrestling, except with an added eloquence. Contenders strip their feet to the skin and link toes, feet flat against each other. (It is customary for opponents to undress the others feet). The goal is to pin the foot of your opponent for three seconds. Victory is determined on a best two-out-of-three basis, alternating feet each round.

Man vs. Horse- Man vs. horse is exactly what it sounds like it would be. Thats the beauty of it; wholly and unapologetically it. A 22 mile (35 km) marathon in which runners are contending for placement against riders on horseback. Since its conception in 1980 there have been two victors for the human race, Huw Lobb and Florian Holzinger. It isn’t long before manpower beats out horsepower in the automotive industry.

Bo-Taoshi- Like capture the flag but not having enough fun? Take it to the next level by modeling a game after the style of Bo-Toashi. You’ll need one pole, two teams of 75 players, and a willingness to be concussed. Watch this video. Bo-Taoshi is a field day sport for Japanese schools. There are the defenders, those with with the pole, and then the attackers, those rushing the pole. It is the goal of the attackers to bring down the defenders pole to a thirty degree angle, and the goal of the defenders to resist this. As the video shows, by any means necessary. But it isn’t just a mad dash. There are positions to hold, most notably the ‘Ninja’ stationed at the top of the pole.

Cardboard Tube Dueling- Cardboard tube dueling (Regulated by the Carboard Tube Fighting League) is a sport that started in 2007, but dates back much farther in humanity’s history. Knights of this art don cardboard cylinders, not unlike the kind to be found holding a wrapping paper roll. There are various rules, but the goal is simple: fight your heart out, and do not break your cardboard sword. Keeping kids off the street since 2007, the first event was held with a respectable attendance of about 40 individuals and has since grown to house several branches throughout the world. Don’t let the professional exterior scare you away though, anyone with heart can duel cardboard swords.

Chess Boxing- Probably the strangest on this list, chess boxing is also quite possibly the most exciting. Consisting of 11 three-minute rounds, this sport is an artful approach to the fusion of brain and brawn. Chess play and boxing are alternated each round. The way to win is either a checkmate, knockout, or inactivity of opponent. The sports first match was held in 2003 and is now popular in places such as India, Germany, Great Britain and Russia.

So as you’re sitting on the beach this summer trying to think of what to do, remember these sports. Elevate your existence. You may even be half-decent at one of them, who knows? You won’t, not until you try them out, champ.