Snapchat revolutionizes social media


Tyler White

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram run from Snapchat,s domination and spooky ghostliness.

Ryan Du, Social Media Guru

The same way legends come and go, social media experiences a similar phenomenon. Believe it or not, our ancestors used to communicate through a relic known as Myspace. That day in age has passed, and today, we are provided with many other options — some good, some bad. However, among all former and current forms of social media, one app rules them all: Snapchat. It’s not that all other social media is bad, it’s just that I see Snapchat outliving its competition.

Although some view Snapchat solely as a medium for safely sending illicit photos, in actuality, the app provides so much more. Initially, the app captivated consumers’ attentions with its playful facade; allowing users to send a photo with the reassurance of its imminent destruction. Since then, the app has transcended from its former, playful self, into a hub of innovative features such as:

1. Stories: This feature has proved to be tremendously  fun and useful. It allows users to share with Snapchat friends a current moment of life, only to be deleted from the feed 24 hours later. Think of it as a live-action vlog. Snapchat’s dramatic increase in popularity has also landed the app in the hands of celebrities. From Ryan Seacrest to Kylie Jenner, more and more celebrities are downloading the app everyday and are giving users an inside look at their lives. In addition to the lives of specific people, Snapchat has also implemented “Our Story” which offers users an inside look at the lives of entire demographics of people. When at select events/areas, one can post a story to “Our Story.” Snapchat then compiles appropriate stories  together and publishes them for all users to view. Instances of “Our Story” can range from events such as Coachella to more general aspects such as Australian life.

2. Discover: Possibly the most underrated feature of Snapchat. Discover provides users with entertainment, news,  and other useful information all conveniently condensed into one area, and separated by source. Currently, the sources available include CNN, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Snapchat, ESPN, Food Network, National Geographic, People, Vice, Yahoo! News, and Warner Music. With all these different sources of information, rest assured you will never be out of the loop.

3. Geofilters: In addition to the other filters, time stamps, velocity stamps, and temperature stamps, geofilters are spreading like wildfire. When at a specific event/area, one can take a photo and add a filter that is unique to the event/area. For example, we here at CHS have our own geofilter. Go ahead, next time you find yourself at CHS, take a snap, swipe over, and let your friends know that you’re at the greatest place on Earth.

4. Front Flash: A flash when using your front camera. So simple, yet so useful.

5. Snapcash: Basically, it allows you to exchange small amounts of money with your friends. In theory, Snapcash is a great idea; but to be honest, nobody uses Snapcash.

Let it be known that there are many other features of Snapchat that I did not mention. While I chose to not mention these features, that does not hinder their ingenuity.

If you didn’t want to read this article and just skipped to the end, you should know that my feelings are hurt. However if you really are set on not reading all of it, to sum it all up, Snapchat will outlive its competition because it isn’t afraid to push the limits. Paired with its beautiful, yet simple aesthetic, Snapchat’s ability to consistently put out innovative features guarantees it a spot in the legends bracket. It’s natural selection in action.