Games that will stand the test of time

Daniel Carr, Writer

From new games like Destiny to old franchises like Call of Duty, video-game companies supplied us with an ambitious year of gaming in 2014. With the lack of games created for the new consoles this year, people are looking to entertain themselves through these hard, boring times. The only problem is deciding what to play. With 2015 being a slow year in the world of gaming, let’s take a look at these are the top five games of the 2014 that will continue to hold our attention for the foreseeable future:

1. Destiny: Created by the makers of Halo, Destiny became one of the top selling games of 2014 with its beauty and unique character customization. Rumored to change the industry, players swooned to potential recreation of Skyrim with guns. Though, many people believed that the game came out half-baked and did not meet their expectations, people with reasonable expectations still love the addictive, space-age, Bungie-headed creation.

2. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: It may be another pumped out Call of Duty game, which comes out every year, but there’s still no denying it was a great game. It depends on the consumer’s tastes, but this fast-paced shooter continues to lead the market with its superior multiplayer…and Kevin Spacey voice acted in the campaign, so who wouldn’t buy this game?

3. Dark Souls II: Be ready to have your heart ripped out. Death is the only thing that can come with this game. A challenging and emotionally tormenting game, Dark Souls did not disappoint to ruin the consumers minds and break controllers in frustration. Killed at least a hundred times in each level, it may not sound appealing but there is nothing more satisfying than defeating these bosses.

4. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor: As a wraith, the Shadow of Mordor is a bit overpowered and it seems as though the game-play is almost guided for the gamer. The game uses a similar fighting style to the Batman series, in which the player smashes buttons and watches the character take down the the bad guys. Although it is on the easier side to play, this game is incredibly entertaining to play or even watch. With all the hype for The Hobbit trilogy, it became very popular amongst the Middle-Earth fans.

5. Dragon Age: Inquisition: The Bioware team brings their best to the table with their incredible story lines and divergent plot line that effects the future choices available–so choose wisely. The game does not only have a great campaign story, but the game is visually stunning as well. It could be considered one of the most graphically perfect games of all-time. The only issue is a third person view, which some may need to get used to, but that dynamic adds to the fighting style of the game. It adds full control to the battlefield and makes this a game to still play for months to come.

These are some of the best games to continue to play throughout the new year.