Top Ten reasons to join newspaper or yearbook


Victoria Smith

Journalism offers many fun opportunities that fit your strength like photography, art, writing, and graphic design. CHS publications are offered on odd days only.

Colored schedule sheets are dispersed throughout the school and one question stands: what elective? We have the answer for you: journalism. Applications for the Lancer Link (the website you are currently reading), Lancer Express (the newsmagazine) and Purple Shield (the yearbook) are due on March 27. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons to join one of these wonderful CHS publications.

1. You can strengthen your writing and communication skills: In journalism, we write articles in every section. If you don’t know how to write journalistically, we will teach you. Interviews for each article lead to greater communication skills. Each article is edited by a section editor and an editor-in-chief, who provide helpful suggestions to improve each article. If writing is not your forte, you could try photography or art. Each article is accompanied by a visual, such as a photo, drawing or info-graphic.

2. It is a student run publication: Students are in control as editors and leaders, allowing your peers to help your writing improve.  As upperclassmen, those in positions of leadership know what goes on throughout the school year and make sure events are covered.

3. Allows you to get involved with the campus: As a writer you have the opportunity to interview students from all groups in the school or members of the community. All members of journalism can cover school spirit events including pep rallies, showcases, award ceremonies or any sport competition.

4. Parties: Pizza. Enough said.

5. It is an accepting environment: Everyone is on the same team in the classroom. All staff members have the same opportunities when it comes to attending events in order to write articles and take pictures.  Even if you are a first time journalist, the editors will help hone your skills by providing constructive criticism.

6. It spreads your skills: People all over the world have access to the Lancer Link, allowing your writing, photos, videos and podcasts to be viewed by large audiences. Additionally, the yearbook and newsmagazines are spread to the entire campus. Journalism gives you the opportunity to showcase your talents to the school and beyond.

7. You can meet new people: Going into journalism opens up many doors to new friendships. The journalism classrooms are accepting, friendly environments. Even outside of class, interviewing people for articles and taking pictures of groups at events allows you to put yourself out there and grow new relationships.

8. Looks good on your college applications: It shows dedication to a great program that teaches you life skills and gives you an opportunity to perfect your teamwork skills- all things that colleges and businesses love.

9. Offers many different creative outlets: From writing and photography to drawing and multimedia, journalism has many options to demonstrate your creative abilities in whichever field you prefer.

10. Gives travel opportunities: Each year, JEA/NSPA hosts journalism conventions in different cities around the United States. Previous conferences were held in San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C. and more. As a member of one of the CHS publications, you will have the opportunity to participate in national competitions, listen to inspirational speakers and travel to new places.

Be sure to send in the application by March 27.  Applications can be found by clicking this link.