How to Handle your New Year’s Resolution

Ryan Du, Social Media Guru

It is with great pleasure I present to you my first follow-up piece. However, I haven’t written an article since last year, so bare with me. If you read my last article, I assume you made it through New Year’s with minimal complications. By now, you should have a resolution picked out and should be ready to go. But of course, nothing is that easy. That being said, here is my short, follow-up article about handling your resolutions.

If you still need to find a resolution, I suggest you find a resolution. Go ahead, call me Captain Obvious. But as obvious as my suggestion may be, it still remains relevant. Like I said in my previous article, pick something you really want to change, whether it involves you or the world around you. On the other hand, I don’t recommend you find a resolution just for the sake of having a resolution. Working towards something that does not concern you, completely defeats the purpose of a resolution.

After you have talked the talk, it’s time to walk the walk. In other words, it’s time to start working towards that goal. Starting at the top can be daunting and often dejecting. Rather than focusing on one gargantuan goal, it is better to break it up into smaller, more manageable goals. For instance, rather than saying you want to get into your dream college, try setting up smaller goals such as finishing your homework the day it is assigned or studying for at least one hour every day. These smaller goals will ultimately add up and help you achieve your main resolution.

All in all, finding that perfect resolution is no easy task. Likewise, maintaining it is even more difficult. Therefore, I wrote both my last article and this article for the purpose of clearing any new year anxiety. With that, let’s make it a great year, filled with opportunities and new beginnings. 2015 won’t know what hit it.