How to have a perfect New Year’s

Ryan Du, Social Media Guru

It is that time of the year again. Time to break out the colorful lights, buy your trees, and pick out gifts. But once all the holiday cheer is over, there remains a final beast to conquer. Of course, I’m talking about relishing in a new year. The new year is a great time to forget past mistakes and set new goals for yourself. However, I realize this can be quite a tough task to accomplish. Additionally, you might just be confused as to why your New Year’s festivities never seem significant. Well, that’s too bad because you will just have to deal with it yourself. So good luck! Don’t worry, I’m just kidding. You didn’t really think I would leave you in the dark like that did you? Without further ado, I now present to you “Ryan Du’s tips for how to have a perfect New Year’s.”

1. Forget the past: I know it’s tough; I go through it every year. But it is not a new year until you let go of all your tedious worries from the past. I don’t care what the calendar says. A sprinter does not win a race by looking back at his opponents. He wins by looking forward and moving ahead. So channel the Usain Bolt within you, sprint forward and keep your eyes on the prize.

2. Start Small: You can’t start running until you learn to walk. Make your resolution for something in your life you really want to change, but don’t overload yourself. Let’s say you want to end world hunger. First things first, goodness gracious you have some high goals. Second things second, you should start local and work on something such as feeding the homeless. It is all about baby steps people!

3. Go out: I am all for staying in and watching the ball drop, but there’s only so much fun one can have alone. Don’t get me wrong, alone time is awesome and can be extremely relaxing. However, there is a special type of joy provoked by the presence of friends and family. Trust me, I read about it on the internet. I’m an expert. Plus, this only happens once a year, so why spend it like you would spend any other day?

4. Stay in: In the time it took me to think of another tip, I realized, who am I to judge what you do on New Year’s? If you want to stay home and have some nice alone time, go for it. All that really matters is for you to have fun. I only mentioned going out because I prefer it and wanted to offer my input. That being said, the most important tip I can offer you is for you to do you.

That concludes another advice article in the style of Ryan Du. I hope these tips inspire you to try something new. Or, maybe they just reaffirmed your current routine. Whatever the case may be, I hope you have a perfect New Year’s.