The “white girl” cliche runs rampant

Mady Christian, Writer

Every time I walk into a Starbucks (now a once-in-a-year occurrence), I feel an impending sense of guilt and embarrassment. I want to shout, “I am merely getting a coffee!” With the all-intensive “white girl” cliche looming in the foreground of the lives of all teenage girls, it seems like nothing can be done anymore without feeling like a walking cliche; Starbucks, Ugg boots, yoga pants and Disney movies are now things that can only be enjoyed in the solace of one’s home. However, with the “white girl” cliche being used so often as a mocking insult, it has become hard to judge what things are true to the “white girl” cliche, and what things have become exaggerated. With the following list of cliches and their ratings, hopefully you can avoid further conflict with “white girl” cliches.

1. Ugg Boots: Ugg boots, on a scale from 1-10, rank at about a 7 on the “white girl” cliche list of items. However, they could potentially rank at an 8 if you have over-worn them to the point where they no longer have a heel, forcing you to shuffle around all day. Dating back to middle school, they quickly went out of fashion and into the pile of rejected middle school trends; the fact that most girls continued to wear them after this earned Ugg boots the title of “white girl” cliche offender.

2. Yoga Pants: Yoga pants have made their way up the list of “white girl” cliches, earning a hearty 6 on the cliche scale. Though they are the convenient option for most any social occasion, yoga pants were originally designed as a piece of clothing to be worn while working out and being physically active. Fact is, they should have stayed that way.

3. Starbucks: Starbucks have become a “white girl” cliche scale breaker, earning a definite 10. However, this stereotype must be clarified, as only certain drinks pertain to the stereotype: frappuccinos, pumpkin spice lattes, and assorted seasonal drinks. Frappuccinos, beginning as an innocent drink, quickly found popularity and eventually extended to the entire teenage girl population. Quickly after the frappuccino’s rise to popularity came the pumpkin spice latte, sweeping the teenage girl population and earning a top spot as the most Instagrammed drink of the holiday season. There is no known way to justify the purchasing of these drinks and fly under the “white girl” radar, so in the meantime, try to pass it off as casually as possible.

4. “Frozen”: It’s quite hard to even discuss the Disney movie “Frozen”, for it has been so mercilessly beaten into cliched oblivion by all teenage girls. From singing the songs in public places to physically acting out parts of the movie and attempting to personify their favorite character, it is safe to say that teenage girls have caused this movie to extend far beyond the “white girl” cliche, breaking the “white girl” scale. It’s been over a year since the movie was in theaters. Please stop.

Whether we want to embrace it or not, the “white girl” cliches are ever-present in the lives of all modern-day teenage girls. When assessing these cliches, it’s easy to fear the impending mocking you may receive if you choose to partake in a cliche. However, use the rule of “everything in moderation” when partaking in these cliches, and you may enjoy a healthy balance of normalcy and “white girl”-ness in your life.