Perks of being a third wheel

Ryan Du, Social Media Guru

Another day, another dreaded couple. This article is for all the single ladies and men who choose not to put their love on top. If you don’t speak Beyonce, in other words, I’m here to comfort all my fellow third wheels. At one point in my life, I too loathed seeing my all my friends finding relationships while I remained a lone wolf. This was until I made the realization that being a third wheel has its benefits and actually plays a crucial role in a relationship. That being said, with the guidance of a few simple points, you too can embrace your position as a superhero of love.

  1. Moral Support: Every relationship has its bumps in the road. That’s where you come in. When conflicts start popping up in a relationship, it’s your duty as third wheel to set things straight. You need to be there to listen to the couple’s problems and provide them with the best advice. Without a third wheel, tensions would arise, ultimately leading to the relationship’s downfall.
  2. Photographer: Couple looking especially cute today? Nobody to take cute photos of the cute couple? Third wheel to the rescue! Now, you could settle at a quick snapshot and call it a day. However, I like to take it to the next level by incorporating angles, flash, filters, etc. Your glory will come when you a receive photo credit for that one super cute picture that gained an immense amount of likes on Instagram.
  3. No sharing: This one is self-explanatory. Simply put, no date means no reason to share anything. More importantly, this means you don’t have to give anyone your food. So go ahead and eat it all. You deserve it.
  4. Movies: Let’s say you get invited to go to the movies with your “favorite” couple. Normally, you would decline this invitation, but you really want to see this movie, so you reluctantly tag along. While the couple may put their focus on each-other, you can actually watch the movie! Afterwards, they will have no idea what happened in the movie, and you will feel great knowing your money did not go to waste.
  5. Get comfortable: The only way the relationship will work for everyone is if you act natural. Remaining silent and awkwardly checking your phone every five minutes will not make things easier. Believe me. After all, they were your friends before they became a couple. So don’t be afraid to engage in conversation just because now they are slightly more “friendly” with each other than they are with you.

The truth is you are a third wheel, and that’s okay. There is no one you would rather be than you. Just because you are alone does not mean you are alone. The time will come when you find another wheel. But for now, embrace being a third wheel. Besides, a tricycle has more stability than a bicycle. Remember, you matter.