Make the right decision

Make the right decision

Juliet Luty , assistant editor

With prom just around the corner, everyone is finishing up putting the final touches on their prom night festivities. Some choose to go to a nice dinner, the dance, then call it a night. Others attend the dance and maybe have a party at someone’s house following prom. And others decide to take part in a “party bus”.

These buses are rentable for any occasion, but school dances seem to be everyone’s favorite time to get a group together and organize this mobile party. What happens on these buses is mostly dancing and just having a solid time with friends-enjoying the night. However, sometimes people on buses get out of hand.

Like an ordinary house party, some take this opportunity to use illegal substances- whether it be drugs or alcohol. Which not only can result in legal consequences, but can also lead to other troubles for that individual.

Prom is about making memories, as in, actually being able to remember this once in a lifetime event. Drugs and alcohol only hinder this remembrance of the best nights of some peoples’ lives.

Additionally, party buses are often the time when people first experiment. Some think they are safe in this little room with people they may call “friends”. However, a party bus is not a safe environment for anyone, always moving and no way off-situations can become dangerous.

Others choose to forego these activities and make the intelligent decision to not partake in reckless behaviors. And in the end, these individuals have a better experience and a prom night they can be proud of.

Yes, party buses are fun and allow students to further enjoy their night-but they need to be sober fun. At this time in our lives, it is important to make decisions which will keep us on the right track and out of danger.

So, go on that party bus and have the time of your life! But remember your actions on prom night may effect your entire life. Regardless of your plans, make the decision to have a sober prom and a sober life.