What’s the best place to go eat out for lunch?

Vlad Korobkin, Staff Writer

Many students with the ability to leave campus have favorites when it comes to grabbing a quick bite to eat in the 55 minute lunch period. Even though the time is short, it is just enough time to get take out and eat on your way back to school.

Rafael Sangines, Junior

“In-N-Out because its healthy and good at the same time”

Sean Slatton, Senior

“Alebertos because the guy there loves me and they have great burritos!”

Delainy Ogan, Sophmore

“Ceci’s cause they have tasty food and its the Carlsbad spot”

 Brianna Bateman, Junior

“Starbucks because I like coffee.”

Kaitlyn DiMarco, Junior

“Mexico Viejo because it has a good California burrito”

Marcel McGrew, Senior

“In-N-Out cause of the burgers”