Overbearing teachers take it too far

Juliet Luty, assistant editor

An effective teacher can command a classroom, keep their students in check, motivate and inspire. But when a teacher becomes overbearing, they lose the impact of their teaching.

Some teachers know just the right amount of pressure to put on their students –a healthy amount. Additionally, they know how involved to become in directing their students toward success. However, it seems that others are unaware of how they conduct themselves when attempting to “help” students.

A positive teacher knows their boundaries while these teachers do not. Although it’s usually with the best intention, some teachers cross the line between teaching into trying to control a student’s life. They attempt to force them to take different classes, join certain clubs or push them to make decisions about their futures –all because they believe it is best for that student. But what about what the student wants?

Everyone has heard stories of teachers interrogating their students almost like they would their own child. These teachers have even been known to yell at students and reprimand them for things unrelated to academics. Now that does not seem like something a teacher should do.  A teacher is meant to teach material and life skills. It is not within the job description of a teacher to involve themselves in the events and decisions of a student’s life. Therefore, these domineering teachers are acting quite unprofessionally.

In the end, the over-involved teacher does the exact opposite of what they set out to. Sure they are trying to instruct their students, but by stepping from beyond their bounds they ultimately accomplish the opposite. Students detest these teachers and start to defy them by slacking off in their class. Often times a student will go as far as dropping the class altogether, just due to instructor’s actions.

Overbearing teachers believe what they are doing is supporting their students. However, the way a student sees it is the exact opposite. These teachers put too much pressure on students and need to step back; a teacher is there to teach, not make a student’s choices for them.