America the accepting?

Sarah Valverde, Assistant Editor

It is my guilty pleasure, but after I sign out of my Yahoo account, I always look at the gossip section. Now, the articles themselves are a good read, but I have a habit of reading the comments as well. I like to see how other people think about pop star Justin Bieber’s latest “Rolling Stone” interview.

However, I was shocked to find a hateful debate about abortion. I remember Bieber’s two-sentence opinion on the topic, but it did not spark a fire within me. I simply shrugged it off as an opinion I did not necessarily agree with.

Anonymous individuals angrily bickered and insulted each other over a seemingly unrelated topic, calling each other “uncultured swine” (to put it politely) while broadcasting their beliefs as absolute truth.

Uh…come again?

The interviewer had asked Bieber about some mature topics that every teenager is faced with at one point or another. His views didn’t necessarily follow mine, but I found it interesting to see the inside of a role model’s mind. Granted, I was a little miffed at his declaration of America’s evilness (See Yahoo’s ‘OMG’ article “Justin Bieber Opines on Sex, Abortion, Politicshere), but not enough to START TYPING LIKE THIS while voicing all my beliefs worldwide.

Nevertheless, that is exactly what many did, proclaiming the 16-year-old pop idol ‘immature,’ ‘entitled,’ ‘uneducated,’ and less appropriate names as well. Granted, he was not nearly as well-spoken as I would have liked, but the kid made an effort.

More and more, America seems to feel like voicing their thoughts in ruder and ruder ways. Be it on social networking sites like Facebook, or just in the comments section of an article about Charlie Sheen’s latest escapades—somebody has to put somebody else down. An Islamic country decided the FIFA cheerleaders were too exposed for their society; does that mean we can start a hate-filled rant filled with racism and ignorance regarding the Muslim community’s treatment of women? A teacher doesn’t allow us to slack off in class; does that mean we have the right to create a website dedicated to insulting them?

“If you do not have something nice to say, do not say anything at all” is an ancient rule, one we modern Americans just can’t seem to grasp. Back in fourth grade, we would gasp if someone called another person ‘dumb.’ Now that’s one of the more polite names for people we don’t approve of.

“Treat everyone the way you want to be treated” has no merit if your face is not behind your comments. Perhaps the revolution of the internet is to blame for our lack of manners.

Open your eyes. We are inheriting this world. You reap what you sow, and this is the life you will be living. If it’s not up to your standards, do you have anyone to blame but yourself?