How State Street farmers market is staying open


Photo by Brooke Ferguson

The Farmers Market on State Street in Carlsbad is open for business after having been closed in the early months of Covid-19.

Kaitlin Ferguson, Assistant Editor

There is hardly a better place to find fresh, local and healthy meals and ingredients than the State Street farmers market and its many local vendors that show up each week. To keep things going, the organizers have implemented safety precautions to keep everyone safe and the market open.

“Anyone who has produce and stuff like that is wearing gloves, and then we have hand washing stations as well but we’re still aware of what’s going on so we still have a lot of safety things and we have all kinds of booths taped off so that people aren’t touching the produce,” Manager Ron Lachance said.

Lachance has tried to make all vendors and customers feel safe with all the precautions they have put in place.

“A lot of the people down here, you know, last time during the major shutdown…they didn’t really want to come out,” Annie, a vendor for Seas Greens, said. “Seeing all the safety precautions that they take in the market, it’s really helped secure people and put their mind at ease that you know, our products are safe and sanitary so it’s definitely helped because we only sell at markets.”

After the many precautions were put into place, there were little to no concerns when coming back to the market.

“With barriers, masks, gloves and [with sanitizing] all our products with an organic sanitizer and we just know to take every precaution,” Annie said. “I trust Ron, the manager here, he’s awesome. He’s really on top of it.”

Not only does the State Street Farmers Market benefit the vendors, but it also benefits the permanent shops on that street. The market also gives Carlsbad residents some much-needed time outdoors and with different people.

Supporting one another and getting out there and really supporting the community can benefit others

— Jackdaleth Montiel

“Now that you know everybody’s allowed to come out and enjoy themselves more — although we do have to wear a mask — you know we still are able to have [people come to the farmers market],” Jackdaleth Montiel, a boutique worker, said. “That leisure that people are actually able to come out and go shopping and, you know, just enjoy the normal thing that we used to be able to.”

The sentiment seemed to be that hopefully more people will come out to the farmers market as the holiday season is fast approaching.

“I think holidays are [going to] bring more people out; more people to shop around the holidays so I am hopeful and if not, [hopefully] by January 2021 — fingers crossed — there being some back to normal,” Annie said.

The State Street Farmers Market has a great sense of community and everyone is doing their part to bring local items and fresh produce to everyone in a safe way.

“Supporting one another and getting out there and really supporting the community can benefit others,” Montiel said.