CHSTV students travel up the coast to Seattle


Dominic Anderson with his friends at STN. In this photo they are getting ready for opening night at STN.

On Mar. 27, the students of CHSTV went to Seattle, WA for the annual Student Television Network (STN) competition. They have been going to this competition for over five years.  The students of CHSTV prepare for this competition at the start of the school year.

STN is an annual conference that happens all over America. It is a competition that is built for the students in broadcasting classes in every state or country. Freshman Dominic Anderson, who is a part of the CHSTV staff, went for his second year.

“At STN we compete in competitions to see what school can innovate the best stories off topics given to [you] by the judges,” Anderson said. “When you are not competing you attend breakout sessions which are taught by professional talents in the industry and you learn from them as well.” 

During his first year, Anderson had many new experiences in the class. One of those was being with his friends that are a part of the CHSTV staff.

“STN was a great time overall, I got to enjoy a new region of the country with the boys, create awesome content and learn from some of the greats in the broadcasting industry,” Anderson said.

Anderson was ready for STN this year. He had been preparing himself mentally and physically ever since the beginning of the year. He has multiple reasons why he was excited for the trip but one stands out to him in particular.

“I was super hyped for [Washington] this time, it’s a new state that I haven’t been to and it was a great time,” Anderson said.

Freshman Glenzy Salcedo, who attends one of CHS’s rival schools, Maui High School in Hawaii, also competed in middle school.

“My first experience was really scary,” Salcedo said. “I felt like I wasn’t ready but I learned a lot of lessons from [going to STN].”

There are many similarities and differences between the two schools and their trips. For example, the students at Maui Waena arrive almost a week early to prepare, and CHS does not. There are also a lot of similarities between the two schools when they are competing.

“I think the schools have similar experiences in the sense of competing against each other and waiting until the last minute,” Salcedo said. 

Dominic had a specific team that he competed with at STN and their chemistry had to be good for their competition to work and have the ability to place.

“I competed on the podcast team with Tobias, Solomon, Tommy, Mason and Mateo,” Anderson said. “We basically had six hours to make the best five minutes of talking to each other.”

Anderson maintained a positive mindset while he was at STN.

“We expect to win every event,” Anderson said. “That’s the only mindset you can have in such a stressful environment like STN.”