Measure HH effects Carlsbad Schools

Chloe Tran, Sophia Weis, and Jason Kanetakis

On Nov. 6, the city of Carlsbad voted for Measure HH, giving $265 million in bonds towards Carlsbad schools. The passing of the measure will give schools an opportunity to renovate their campus in order to create a safer and more technologically advanced environment. Superintendent Benjamin Churchill plans to enhance three of the eight elementary schools and much more.

“It’s the funding mechanism for us to accomplish the goals of our long-range facility master plan,” Churchill said. “We spent about a year looking at the facilities across our district, as you know we have 15 campuses plus the district office, some of our school sites were built [somewhere between] 15-60 years ago, and they need upgrading.”

Then we will be doing solar in all our parking lots and well be doing fencing upgrades at all our schools

— Benjamin Churchill

The school board plans on using the $265 million for long-term renovations, rebuilding parking lots, school security and classroom environments.

“Safety and security is another main category of projects we’ll be installing and upgrading perimeter fences, visitor management systems, security cameras and other safety-related items, doors lock on all classrooms,” Churchill said. “Then we will be doing solar in all our parking lots and well be doing fencing upgrades at all our schools.”

The first step of this process is called Phase 1. This entails upgrading the science building at Carlsbad High School and solar in all parking lots. They will be starting this renovation as soon as the committee finalizes what they plan on using the money for, which could start as soon as next summer.  

“We have a board meeting next Wednesday, and at that board meeting Wednesday night we will present the next steps, one of the next steps will involve some kind of community input, prior to starting that work at those three elementary schools and CHS, there will be some time for additional input and we will be able to describe that better next Wednesday,” Churchill said.