SAG awards turn political

Jazmin Treadway, Staff Writer

At the 2017 SAG awards, many thought that this would be a place to put the political madness behind for a few hours. However, most celebrities took this as a chance to be heard.

The “Big Bang Theory” actor Simon Helberg and wife Jocelyn Towne used the red carpet to protest the recent travel ban from President Donald Trump. Towne had the words “let them in” written on her chest, one of the many phrases used at the protests early in the weekend. Helberg also held a sign saying “refugees welcome”.

This wasn’t Helberg’s first time vocally criticizing President Trump. A few days earlier, he retweeted many things from St. Louis Manifest, referencing Trump’s ban of Muslims to turning people away at our border in 1939 to later die in concentration camps. Making it very clear that Helberg dislikes Trumps actions on foreign affairs, he tweeted “SHAME #gethimout”. 

Many other actors who took the stage later that night brought in their views on Trump’s ban. With the recent Women’s Rights March, actresses took this as a time for them to show how they felt about Trump and their rights as women in general. A place where they believe they would be heard.

Most of the acceptance speeches took a turn many watchers weren’t expecting. Almost every winner seemed to have something to say about politics. Some of the winners, like “Veep” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus used her moment in the spotlight to tell stories about having immigrant parents and how we, as Americans, should help those unable to enter our country today due to the signed executive order on immigration by President Trump.

With the already crippling global refugee crisis, President Trump’s ban on Muslims entering America has set off many Americans to the point where they will express themselves in any way possible to be heard.

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