Helpful hints for iOS 10


Maggie Sweeney

Apple came out with iOS this September for iPhone users. The update includes new features to messages, phone and photos.

Maggie Sweeney, editor in chief

On Sept. 13, Apple came out with the newest update, iOS 10. Apple’s updates can be a scary or thrilling adventure, depending on the person, so this article will surely help you figure out some of the cool features offered in iOS 10.

  1. Set up Bedtime: The new update features a whole new clock. First of all, the app is darker so it won’t hurt your eyes, especially at night time. Second, the Bedtime feature tacks your sleep by ensuring you go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday. This feature is supposed to improve your overall sleep quality and establish a healthy routine in your bedtime habits.
  2. Use the Notes app to share: You can now invite other to view or edit a note. This could be helpful for sharing grocery lists, vacation plans or lecture notes. Similar to Google Docs, the new Notes feature is already downloaded when you update and still takes up limited space.
  3.  Remove your needless apps: Have you ever actually opened your stocks or your compass app on purpose? Well, iOS 10 allows you to free up some extra space by optionally deleting most of the pre-downloaded apps.
  4. Open Flashlight: Do you ever think the Flashlight is just too bright for your liking? Well, if you have an iPhone 6s or newer, there are now brightness options for your flashlight. Touch and hold the flashlight to change it either to bright light, medium light or low light.
  5.  Try out all the new Messaging features: iOS 10 now offers a ton of new features for messaging including a new drawing feature and the ability so attach lasers, balloons and many other affects with a message.  This new update allows for more creative conversations with bubble written and handwritten notes
  6. Don’t listen to your Voicemail– Do you ever receive voicemails, but you’re not in a place where you can’t listen to them? Now, iOS 10 offers a new transcript method that types out the dialogue from the voicemail so you don’t have to physically listen to it. You can also save voicemails easier to iCloud, voice memos or notes.
  7. Search for your Photos– You can finally look up your photos with keywords such as ‘dog’ or ‘beach’ instead of searching through thousands of photos. Apple has also added Memories where you can see the best moments from the last three months and add favorite Memories that you can relive and find your favorite pictures easier.

These are just a few of the cool, new things you can do with iOS 10, so get out there and explore Apple’s innovative features offered with the update.