BRIEF: New bell schedule


Maggie Sweeney

The new bell schedule makes sure that students have more minutes in the classroom, while allowing for more early release Mondays.

Jillian Della Penna , Lancer Express Editor-in-Chief

A new year, somehow, always seems to call for new changes. The first day of school was a little more confusing than usual this year. The new bell schedule had students either late or extremely early to their following class. Although the changes in minutes are minuscule, each one counts for a student when attending classes.

“I do not like the new bell schedule because it has caused me to rush to each class,” junior Kimia Yadergari.” We have a very big campus and sometimes it is very difficult to get to my next class on time due to the combined break, passing periods and and shortened lunch.”

The break between first and third, and second and fourth period has been combined this year leaving 15 minutes to catch up with friends, eat a snack, and get to class prepared.

“We have to teach 64,800 minutes in order to be certified in a school year. In manipulating the pieces and putting it together the way we did, that gave us enough minutes so that we could have the early release days off.” Assistant Principal Mr Liebentritt said. “It also padded in to where we would have two extra days worth of minutes. If something happens where we would have to let school out, then we wouldn’t have to go on a Saturday or after graduation to get those minutes in.”

The change was not obvious to many until finding themselves anxiously waiting an extra three minutes to be released for lunch. Students expressed frustration about the change and were unclear on the purpose for the time difference.

“It was a little difficult to get adjusted to the bell schedule change, mostly because I had no idea they were making a change to the times.” senior Olivia Ott said. “ I just went with the flow of the crowds when it was class time and I barely noticed the changes until it was lunch and there wasn’t that much time.”