Proposed gun law comes to California


Photo courtesy of Brendan Carroll

Rebecca Allen, multimedia editor

Recent mass shootings have prompted concern for gun regulations, but not everyone agrees that gun control legislation will prevent violence. Gun control is a controversial issue in American politics, even in liberal states like California. Already one of the strictest states on guns, California will vote on new restrictions under the Safety for all Act on the November ballot.

Lieutenant Governor, Gavin Newsom, proposed The Safety for all Act to make it illegal to possess military-style magazines and subject all ammunition buyers to background checks.

“Military-style magazines are disproportionately responsible for mayhem,” Newsom said to the press democrat. “More American children die from gun violence each year than police officers killed in the line of duty.”

Newsom and his supporters argue that gun legislation is the only way to curb gun violence, but opponents say that limiting accessibility to guns is unnecessary and only further endangers citizens.

“The problem with gun legislation is we’re overreacting to a very infinitesimally small amount of people doing bad things with guns,” owner of Carlsbad’s only gun store, Gunther Guns, Gregg Gunther said.

If the act is passed, 90 percent of all the long guns sold at Gunther Guns will be illegal. However, Gunther opposes the bill not only for the sake of his business, but also for fear of the safety of Californians.

“The laws only stop law-abiding citizens from protecting their families, it’ll never stop a criminal from getting a gun,” Gunther said. “You’re taking away the right of the good people who are responsible gun owners and then you are only allowing criminals to have guns.”

Gunther is not alone in his opposition to Newsom’s proposition. At the local level, many stores like Gunther Gun’s have opened a forum on their websites to allow people to sign a petition to oppose the magazine ban, but major national organizations like the National Rifle Association have spoken out as well.

“Newsom’s initiative includes a laundry list of proposals that restrict, complicate and increase the cost of exercising your second amendment rights,” The NRA- Institute for Legislative Action said.

Newsom expected opposition to his bill because the issue of gun control is personal for many, but he stands by his bill and thinks it is the best way to secure California’s safety.

“[Getting the act passed] is a potential risk,” Newsom said to the Mercury News. “But if you believe in something and think it’s the right thing to do, I think you’ve got an obligation to do it.”