What’s next for Peytie Slater?


Peytie Slater’s sister, Zoe, models Slater’s newest collection. The collection was released on April 13 and is available online.

Sophomore Peytie Slater anxiously waited to see her new culture inspired clothing line released on her website, www.trueviolette.com on April 13. After her experience on Project Runway Junior, Slater has taken inspiration from around the globe in order to develop her style for herself.

Along side going to school six hours a day and competing in surf competitions, Slater has been working five hard months on her newest line. She infused African culture with much of the work she featured on Project Runway Junior.

“I wanted to put out a bunch of new clothes after Project Runway Junior to introduce things to everyone, and to show who I am,” Slater said. “I included a lot of pieces from the show, but also have added some new designs in there as well. If I hadn’t been on the show, then I wouldn’t have the line nearly close to what it is like right now.”

Slater’s newest line captures travel, community, and different aspects of the world. She hopes to make others feel confident when wearing her clothing.

“My line is very easy-going. It is very trendy, stylish, semi-dressy and I didn’t do a lot of casual clothes,” Slater said. “This is because most of my pieces you can dress down and dress up very easily, so they meet lots of your needs.”

Project Runway not only evolved Slater’s overall style, but created opportunities that will lead to success in the future.

“I am really happy about the fact that the show has given me more publicity about my website and clothing line,” Slater said. “I am hoping that it is going to propel my career forward.”

The success of her new pieces continues to push Slater to pursue her passion for fashion designing. Slater’s next project is expected to launch towards the end on summer.

“This summer I am going to keep on working on my line and moving it forward,” Slater said. “I am actually right now sketching a new line that is hopefully going to come out in a few months, but I am not exactly sure what culture it is yet.”

Slater’s persistence and hard work will take her fashion designing to new heights. Keeping a positive outlook, Slater sees herself growing into the designer she hopes to be.

“For now, all I want to do is grow my business and see where it takes me,” Slater said. “My long-term goal is to show at New York Fashion Week one day. I honestly don’t know where any of this is going to take me, but I am just going to stay on the path I am on right now and hope for the best.”