Peytie Slater presents at New York Fashion Week


Peytie Slater, a sophomore here at CHS, was a finalist on the show Project Runway: Junior. Although she did not win the grand prize, she had the ability to show a six-piece collection at New York Fashion Week–an experience that changed her future.

On Thursday night, the final episode of Project Runway Junior aired and many in the Carlsbad community tuned in to see one of its own high school students compete. Peytie Slater, a sophomore at CHS, created one-of-a-kind fashion alongside three other designers as each produced a collection of clothing for New York Fashion Week. These pieces proved their undeniable talent, despite their young age.

Although she did not win the competition as a whole, Slater carried her personal style throughout the weeks of the show’s duration and managed to evolve in the process.

“I feel like I’ve totally grown as a designer,” Slater said. “Before I went on the show, my main thing was bathing suits, and I feel like my style has really changed and evolved throughout the competition.”

Slater is extremely proud of her work over the course of the competition and is thankful for personal growth that Project Runway Junior has provided her. In addition, she has met many young designers with the same drive and passion as her, as well as older inspirations such as Tim Gunn.

“Tim Gunn is one of my favorite people in this world,” Slater said. “He is one of the most honest, sweet and caring people I know and I’m so lucky to get to know him.”

Project Runway Junior inspired Slater to continue her own clothing line and sell items from the show on her website,

“I’m just going to stay on this path and see where it takes me,” Slater said.

Developing a new sense of motivation, Slater has taken away many things from the show and her experience.

“Before I went on the show, I didn’t have a lot of intentions to become a fashion designer,” Slater said. “But now I know that I’m going to push myself and do whatever it takes to pursue my dream.”

As a top four finalist, Slater designed a six-piece collection that was presented at New York Fashion Week, something that designers of all ages dream of. This opportunity has pushed her to follow her aspirations in the fashion world while giving her insight into a future career.

“No matter what, I want my job to be associated with fashion,” Slater said. “Thanks to Project Runway Junior, I’ve found my passion.”