Rictatorship takes over CHS


Hanna Dupre

Mr. Riccitelli has become Carlsbad’s new ASB director. Many students have expressed their love and support for his new ideas for the school.

Lauren Henry, Staff Writer

This school year, Carlsbad High School received a new ASB director, Mr. Riccitelli (also known as Señor Riccitelli, Sr. Ric or just Señor). He plans to make athletic games and activities at our school more exciting and provide an escape from homework and everyday stressors.

“This year we took all the positives of ASB from the past, and we are building on them,” Riccitelli said. “The thing about ASB is that it is driven by the kids. Ideas that the students have will drive what we do with their enthusiastic ideas. I’m just trying to support them and make their ideas work.”

Beginning this summer, the ASB students started working with Riccitelli to make CHS students feel more school spirited.

“This year in ASB, everything has run smoothly so far and we have been getting permissions for some awesome things that we didn’t have last year,” junior and ASB member Megan Mullen said. “Mr. Riccitelli is able to come up with cool ideas.”

Big changes this year included the addition of the DJ and fireworks at the homecoming football game. ASB also worked on receiving rooter buses to away games and making Loud Crowd bigger and better.

“The DJ at the football game brought a great atmosphere,” Riccitelli said. “Our Loud Crowd group is taking ideas and running with them and I won’t be one to stand in the way of it. This year we want our students to be involved in the school and come to the games, that’s why we have started rooter buses. We can represent Carlsbad at other schools for away games.”

ASB has focused on selling spirit wear to the students, and Riccitelli wants the students to feel proud to be a Lancer.

“Every Friday we want to see the students in purple representing their school,” said Riccitelli. “We are able to sell shirts at an affordable price so everyone can sport their Lancer pride.”

ASB envisions the student body embracing their school spirit so that they can have a fun, engaging school year.

“Usually we hit this peak at Homecoming with spirit and then after it’s a gradual decline,” Riccitelli said. “We want to try to stay up at the peak of Homecoming and keep the school excited. And that’s our goal.”