Carlsbad library summer reading programs impact children for the better


Marianna Marsden

The Carlsbad Library hosts the Childrens Reading Program every year. Teens are able to volunteer and get community service hours.

Mady Christian , Writer

Carlsbad’s library reading program, hosted at both the Dove and Cole library, has found a way to combine reading with summer fun. With both elementary and middle school students participating in the reading, and high school students offering their time to volunteer, the program also brings together the entire youth community.

“A lot of times kids will opt to do something like be on their computers or iPads during the summer and not really remember to read, whereas when we were younger I feel like there was a lot more emphasis on reading,” senior Bethany Le said. “Having an incentive for them to continue reading is important, especially to keep their minds sharp during summer.”

The reading program’s use of prizes and incentives allow kids to redefine the intrigue of reading.

“When I used to be involved in the program in elementary school, I remember that getting the prizes was the best part,” ex-participant Max Mueller said. “Even though looking back the prizes were just small toys, it always made going more fun.”

Le, a volunteer with the Carlsbad libraries’ reading program, came to find a balance between benefiting herself by earning volunteer hours, while also helping local children continue to find inspiration to read. These are two things that the program emphasizes.

“[The volunteer hours] were obviously very rewarding, as well as the rewarding feeling from knowing that you’re helping kids,” Le said. “I like working with kids a lot because it’s as if you’re investing in the future generation, and because of that, you’re not just working for yourself.”

With each library’s participation in the reading program, reading has remained an emphasized skill.

“Volunteering with the library program is something easy and simple and fun to do that will impact our current generation for the better,” Le said.