CHS makes remodeling plans for summer


Victoria Smith

During the summer construction takes over CHS making it more accessible. From the switching the gyms to reconstructing the administration building.

Alyssa Slattery, news editor

As the school year comes to a close, Carlsbad High’s plans for summer construction are ready to take action. The new improvements will freshen up the campus and make it more accessible. The changes to the sports departments, the administrative office and some classrooms are just the beginning of the new set up for CHS.

“The construction will begin as soon as school gets out,” Assistant Principal Mr. Liebentritt said. “They will actually start doing some things to get stuff set up before the end of school.”

The remolding will be to help the spacing of buildings and will work to improve the fields.

“All the portables will be taken down and taken out,” Liebentritt said. “That area will be reclaimed as athletic fields such as a possible JV softball field. In the stadium, the field turf had a manufacturer’s defect in it, so all of that is going to come out and we are going to get new field turf again.”

The wrestling room and weight room will be transferred to new areas on campus.

“The weight room will now be fully functioning, the film academy is going to get a better facility to work in and the administrative building will make a lot more sense,” Liebentritt said.

The set up of the school is getting students excited to have new fields for their sports next year.

“The new turf will be really helpful for all the people who use that field like football, soccer, and lacrosse,” sophomore Alana Snow said. “Overall if we have more construction, the school will have a new glow when we come back.”

The set up of the administrative building has become confusing to some people because of the difficult entrances and offices, but the improvements will help fix this problem.

“We are going to move some stuff around, move the front entrance to the school from where it is now to where attendance will be,” Liebentritt said. “The receptionists will be moved out to that area, therefore, when people come in it will be easier to direct students.”

Workers are more than ready to take on the challenges of making this possible, but the staff will have to make some sacrifices in order to avoid the construction.

“We are going to be out of our offices and we will have to run the school from temporary offices all summer long,” Liebentritt said. “Most people don’t realize there is a lot of stuff that still happens at school during the summer. The registrar and her office is going to have to be moved so new students can register. We have to prepare for the school year, so we are really hoping things will be done by the time school starts.”