Students and adults go head to head in Academic League match


Hannah Kellermeyer

Jan. 5,2015 Carlsbad High School’s academic league compeated against the taechers in friendly bowl.

Alyssa Slattery, news editor

The intense battle between students and adults continued with the Academic League match on Feb. 5 in the library. When the CHS Academic League team is not scheduled to compete against another school’s team, it holds the annual students vs. staff match to polish up on skills and have some extra trivia fun.

Both parents and teachers, adding up to 15 adults in total, participated; participants included Mrs. Wakefield, Mr. Alexander, Mr. Spanier, Ms. Sanderlin and Mrs. Peacock. In order to get ready, students practice three times a week: one practice at lunch and two after school.

“We study big stacks of flash cards of authors, capitals, geography and etc. in order to prepare for the tournaments,” sophomore Mary Moreno-Christian said.

Participants did not know the questions ahead of time, but knew the general categories which included the sciences, literature, math, art, history and language.

“The name of an author of a book that you did not read in class or a biological question that you might have not been tested on in school are the types of specific questions that tend to come up,” junior Jessica Baze said.

Even though learning random facts may not be on the top of your to-do list, students not only find enjoyment from the matches but also find them to be very beneficial overall.

“Learning all these facts applies a lot to school — especially English because whenever my teacher will mention a book it’s like I have already read it and I understand the reference,” Moreno-Christian said.

While the freshmen team of students beat the adults, the JV and varsity teams were harshly brought down.

“We were creamed by the adults, but you need to account for the fact that they have had a lot more time to learn all of this and some of them even teach it,” Baze said.

Although the adults dominated, they found out how it felt to answer questions under pressure.

“The parents usually get mad if we don’t buzz in quick enough on a easy question, but they finally understood that it’s really hard on the spot,” Moreno-Christian said.

Realizing their room for improvement, the JV and varsity teams will continue to hone their skills.

“Next time, we need to study more, make more flashcards, have more buzzer speed and stay confident,” Moreno-Christian said.

With all grudges left behind, both the students and adults had an exciting and unbelievable night of learning.

“You don’t have to have a specialty or be good at something to join,” Baze said. “As a freshmen, I didn’t always get all the questions right, but I still had a lot of fun. It makes getting a question right that much more rewarding.”