Meeting Dr. Porter


Madison Medina, editor in chief

On Oct. 20, Carlsbad High School welcomed Dr. Porter as the new principal. Dr. Porter comes from Tuston Unified School District and was the vice-principal for Foothill High School. Although just starting, Dr. Porter has many great things to say about CHS, and explains what he will do to make high school a great experience for students.

“The priorities that I have are basically the same as any educator,” Principal Dr. Porter said. “You want kids to be safe and have a good time, and get them well prepared for college. Whether is for arts, academics, athletics or all three, I want to have programs where kids can have a great experience.”

Dr. Porter explains why there is not much that he would change about the Lancer community.

“Carlsbad already comes with a great reputation,” Porter said. “And that is something that I don’t want to change, but if there is something that I can contribute, then thats what I’m going to do.”

Coming from Foothill High School, Dr. Porter explains how his past school’s spirit is very similar to the Lancer pride that the students at CHS have.

“My perspective of the two is like apples and oranges,” Porter said. “Both are great communities and both are every involved in the school, which helps create a rich program. For Carlsbad, being a Lancer means something important, and like Foothill, you take a lot of pride in your school.”

Looking to the future, Dr. Porter expresses his hopes for students here and his excitement for what is to come.

“I’m mostly looking forward to interacting with the students,” Porter said. “There are so many great students here who are looking to achieve great academics. I see very positive relationships between students and staff members, and I looking forward to being apart of that.”

Although there are not many, expectations from students are high for Dr. Porter. He is ready to start his school year off with students who are ready to learn and reach for greatness.

“I have a very candid expectation for students, which is to me safe and make good choices,” Porter said.”I want them to achieve their goals, and to become better people for later. There are something that you wish kids didn’t do, but at the same time, they learn from those mistakes. I want to teach kids that what they do now will effect them as they get older, so we want them to be smart. I guess you can say my main expectation is for you guys to keep up the good work.”