The Armory launches first event of the year


Marianna Marsden

The Armory kicked off its opening day on Oct 6 after school. Free tutoring is available to students after school in room 7106.

Alyssa Slattery, news editor

On Oct. 6, the Armory at Carlsbad High had its grand opening. Directors handed out pizza while students had the chance to listen to music, play sports and check out what the program has to offer.

To start out the grand opening, the directors provided a scavenger hunt where students could complete activities that included taking a picture with the Armory sign, untangling the human knot and decorating a poster.

“The scavenger hunt was designed to be something just to sort of break the ice and to connect all the students with each other so that they could begin working as a team,” teen director of the Bressi Ranch Boys and Girls Club Nicole Bianchini said. “So hopefully, when they come to our room tomorrow, they will feel comfortable with talking and hanging out with each other.”

During this event, students got to experience what the year will be like as a member of the Armory.

“My first impression of the Armory was that it was a calm, laid-back and relaxing environment for students,” junior Ashley Lang said.

 Along with team building, the club listens to the students of Carlsbad.

“Last year, we surveyed the students and the feed back that we got was that you guys want community service, tutoring and intramural sports,” Bianchini said.

The Armory took this response and decided to create a brand new program to help out the students.

“It’s a seed; I hope it grows really big because it gives you guys anything you could possibly need or want and have access to for no charge on your campus,” teen director of the Village Clubhouse Boys and Girls Club Abby Snyder said.

The club meets every Monday through Thursday for tutoring and sports, and starting on Wednesdays, community service opportunities will be provided as well.

“On Wednesdays, the bus will come pick us up and take us to the where ever we need to go, and then, it takes us back to campus,” Snyder said.

Provided bus services seem to be a great way to get more students involved in community service through the Armory.

“I think it’s pretty cool actually that you can get all your community service hours done fast and on the week days,” Lang said.

 The Armory grand opening was a success and got students excited for this year.

“Hopefully, students are able to come and really find a home here,” Bianchini said. “This program will help to mold people into very well-rounded students.”