New student council plans for an exciting year


Adoley Swaniker

Junior Sara Lang (right) will take the place of senior Courtney Benner (left, as ASB president next year. Lang has been in ASB for the past three years and holds big plans for her last year.

With the tap of the finger or click of a mouse, Lancers have voted for the 2015 student body council. The student chose juniors Sarah Lang, Shelby Lee, Abby Penrod, Julia Borla and Briette Pietrocini to be President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Sagent of Arms, respectively.

“I have enjoyed every moment this school year being president,” senior ASB president Courtney Benner said. “ASB has opened my eyes about how much the student body can get involved.”

With their goals set and accomplished, the leaving members of the council hope that CHS will still stay loud and proud.

“I hope our future life at Carlsbad High still embraces what we have focused on this year, which is simply changing the culture, including everyone and increasing our school’s spirit,” Benner said.

With the school year winding down, Benner prepares to show the ropes to Lang and Lee.

“I’m really excited for next year. Sarah Lang and Shelby Lee are great candidates for president and vice president,” Benner said. “I know that they are going to take it on with open arms and do whatever they can for the school.”

For Lang, this is a turning point in her high school career. After four years she has finally reached her biggest goal.

“Even though I was running unopposed, it was truly the best feeling ever,” Lang said. “I ‘ve been dreaming of this ever since eighth grade, and I’m very grateful for getting this far. I can’t wait to help make the school a better place.”

With a victory in her hand, Lang will do everything in her power to raise spirit, integrity and purple. Of course, the new council has created a little mystery in next year’s plans as well.

“ASB has a lot of things up their sleeves, and we are definitely going to be surprising you guys,” Lang said. “Definitely expect a fun school year and some surprises.”