Improving the community with a little love

Live in Love hosts Exchange for Change

The non-profit organization Live and Love held a fundraiser from 10-2 p.m. on Feb. 15. They sold clothes for five dollars and then donated all of the money to Live and Love. (photo: Ashlyn Bobele)

Hanna Seemann, writer

Food drives and garage sales usually come to mind as the go-to fundraising projects, but a fashion show? On Feb. 15, Live in Love, a non-profit organization based in San Diego, did the unthinkable–hosting a fashion show and clothing swap–at The Hera Hub Mission Valley to terminate the growth of alcoholism in families.

“It is a clothing swap, but we are also taking in donations. Everything is sold for a flat rate of five dollars,” sophomore Ashlyn Bobele said. “There is going to be food, snacks, lots of awesome people and, of course, clothes for super cheap.”

If one could not make it to the fundraiser, monetary contributions are accepted online through the Live in Love website. Clothing donations are also greatly appreciated; members of the non-profit will drop by one’s house to pick up the contribution. Also online are ways to participate or volunteer in other upcoming events. Statistics (provided on the website) about families dealing with alcoholism, in addition to heart-wrenching personal stories, provide reason enough to help.

“One in four children have an alcoholic parent in the US,” Bobele said. “Alcoholism is passed on by parents showing characteristics to children. Stopping that and allowing a healing process through service–like talking, developing better coping skills–would really help children.”

For students interested, Carlsbad High will soon be hosting its own Live in Love club to continue working for the improvement of families in and around the community. Come join and help prevent the alcoholic cycle in families.

“There is going to be a club starting up at school, it is just waiting for board approval,” Bobele said. “It is going to be called “Live in Love”, and we are open to anyone. Also, if you show up to the club, you get community service because that’s what we do. We plan on doing a lot of awesome stuff for the community.”