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Bringing happiness on World Smile Day

"I believe that we should spread kindness, and teach the younger generation to not hate because they're the future and we want them all to be happy." -Ava Memel, 9

Jules Cisco, staff photographer

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With all the hate and tragedy occurring in the world lately, what we need is a giant group hug and some smiles. There’s truly nothing more genuine and authentic than a smile, and the more we spread happiness, the better the world will become. Oct. 6, 2017, is World Smile Day so to celebrate it, here are some smiles accompanied by each individual’s answer to how they believe we can achieve happiness in the world.

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About the Contributor
Jules Cisco, staff writer
Jules Cisco is a junior at Carlsbad High. Photography has been a passion of hers for a few years, and she’ll capture anything that catches her eye. Jules has traveled her whole life and plans to do it more. She listens to a wide variety of music such as alternative, rap, indie, country, and more....
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Bringing happiness on World Smile Day