Amber Nava hits all the right notes

Maddie Dearie, reporter and Jimmy Bunnell, videographer (CHSTV)

Shon Cagungun, staff writer

Senior Amber Nava knows her way around a musical note. A talented singer, piano player and lyricist, Nava can put on a show, as she recently proved to a panel of American Idol producers.

This musician is self-taught on the guitar and piano; she just picked up the latter in the past year. Now, she has all of her music transposed to her new instrument. However, guitar will always be her first passion.

“I picked up a guitar at twelve or thirteen,” Nava said. “I just played around with the piano and taught myself. I change the chords and play what sounds good.”

This budding musician not only has a talent with instruments, but also with words. As a lyricist, she takes pride in making songs that speak to experiences that she hopes others will identify with.

“[My songs] aren’t always happy, but when they’re sad they’re more relatable,” Nava said. “I want my music to be something people can come back to.”

However, Nava did not sing an original song when she appeared before the Idol producers. Instead, she chose one of her ‘go-to’ Demi Lovato songs, which fall directly in her vocal range. Although Nava was not given the opportunity to continue on, she intends to continue pursuing music.

“You’re going to get told ‘no’, but you have to keep moving,” Nava said.

In spite of her Idol rejection, Nava recently appeared professionally in a Honda advertisement which aired in the Los Angeles area.

“I’m trying to get more exposure,” Nava said. “It was a good experience.”

Music is a tough profession to make it in, a fact that Nava knows full well.

“I’ve been planning to go to beauty school,” Nava said. “Performing arts schools are expensive.”

Whatever she decides to do with the rest of her life, Nava intends to keep pursuing her passion, because nothing can take away her music.

“I just want to continue to make my music whether I’m at beauty school performing at restaurants and doing auditions, or at performing arts school.”