Meet Jorden Hopp: Mission Federal North County Top GPA Award Winner

Jordan Forman, Reporter

Junior Jorden Hopp wrestles for Carlsbad High, and on April 20, she was awarded the Mission Federal North County Conference Award for Top GPA. This award is given to recognize student-athletes in the CIF San Diego Section for their academic achievements. 

Hopp achieved this award through many hours of practice and dedication. She has 4 years of experience in competitive wrestling and wrestled for Carlsbad High during her sophomore and junior years. For Hopp, the best part about the sport is the feeling of accomplishment. 

“My favorite part of wrestling is definitely the feeling after I win a match,” Hopp said. “I love being able to see how my work pays off and how much I’m capable of.”

Although rewarding, the wrestling season is very time-consuming. Girls wrestling season runs from Nov. to Jan. Athletes practice Monday through Friday from 5:30 to 6:00. With school dismissal at 3:30, it was difficult for Hopp to find time to complete her school work. 

“I would say it was most difficult to learn how to manage my time and balance schoolwork with a busy practice schedule,” Hopp said. 

As a competitive wrestler with a busy practice schedule, Hopp had to put in extra effort to maintain her GPA. Hopp came up with many solutions to help her manage her time. 

“It was mostly just waking up a little earlier to finish some assignments,” Hopp said. “It was also taking advantage of extra time during school to work on homework or study.”

Maintaining a balance between school and sports was one of the largest challenges for Hopp this year. Hopp offers a piece of advice for any student-athlete who is going through the same thing. 

“I would say to stay organized and focus on your time management skills to maintain a balance,” Hopp said. 

Hopp is looking forward to next year’s season, as it will be her last year wrestling for Carlsbad. She is determined to maintain this balance between sports and academics. Hopp has many goals to pursue during her senior season. 

“I am trying to place in CIF and go to Masters,” Hopp said. “I plan on working hard and staying focused during preseason to achieve my goals.”